Take A Bath


Tell me now, when did you last take a bath?
Yesterday? The day before? The day before that?
You can’t remember can you?
Listen now, dirt is a very bad thing?
I know for sure your Mum and Dad
Will be so pleased
When you are sparkling clean

So don’t forget to wash your face and
Scrub behind your ears
Underneath your arms as well and
Round behind your neck
Scrub your tummy and your back
Your ankles and your knees
And when you’ve finished don’t forget
To pull the plug out please

Did you know, I have a friend called Jim
Who hasn’t had a single bath for 26 days?
Nobody goes near him – Ughh!
But yesterday, Jim’s mother called me on the phone
And she said, ‘You’ll never guess who’s in the bath
And squeaky clean?
Let’s give a cheer for Jim – HOORAY!
His mother said –

Thankyou very much