CHORUS (4 times)
And the rain keeps tumberlin’ down
Listen it’s a wonderful sound

Give me the chill of the frost in the morning
The gray of the sky and the cold of the night
The green of the garden, the pools on the roadside
It’s cold in the evening so snuggle up tight

CHORUS (twice)

I looked out my window the Mount Lofty Ranges
So green and so still on a cold rainy day
People say when will the winter be over?
But I love the showers and the deep shades of gray

CHORUS (twice)

INTERLUDE (sing twice/together with chorus)
Thunder and lightning and storms on the mountain
Rivers are flowing and oceans are pounding
Winds are a-howlin’ and trees are a-shakin’
Lightning is flashing and hailstones are falling

CHORUS (4 times)