Pinocchio's Nose


I would like to make something clear
Before I sing you this song
Pinocchio's nose was always
Just a teensy bit too long

Everybody knows when Pinocchio's nose
Grows and grows everybody knows
When Pinocchio's nose grows and grows
He's telling a lie and everybody knows
About Pinocchio's nose

He lied to his father
He broke the golden rule
Pretended that he, all of the day
Had been working hard at school (it was a lie)


Pinocchio was late for lessons one day
And so the teacher asked him why
He said 'There was a bird on the side of the road
And I stopped because it could not fly' (it was a lie)


Gepetto bought a book for his son
But he sold it for a puppet show
Pinocchio said 'I know that it's wrong
But Gepetto will never know' (another lie)

CHORUS (instrumental)

You'll be pleased to know that Pinocchio
Decided that he would be good
His nose is now just like yours and mine
In fact it's perfectly fine

Now everybody knows that Pinocchio's nose
No longer grows and everybody knows that
Pinocchio's nose no longer grows
And if you look him in the eye, he won't tell a lie,
He's happy as can be, so can we all agree
There's nothing more to say about...Pinnochio's nose