O Little One


O little one O little one
All wrapped in swaddling clothes
Your mother sings sweet lullabies
Your daddy watches o’er
There was no room inside the inn
In Bethlehem that night
The ox and ass stood round your bed
The star outside shone bright

The shepherds they were watching o’er
Their flocks that starry night
When came an angel of the Lord
In glory shining bright
Behold I bring good news to you
To you is born this day
A Saviour who is Christ the Lord
You’ll find him in the hay

Then from the east three wise men came
And guided by a star
They found the place where lay the King
A manger made of straw
Gold frankincense and myrrh we bring
To you and with great joy
They knelt and then they worshipped him
This precious little boy

And so again this year we come
As wise men did of old
Our gifts to share this Christmas time
And yet inside we know
This earth still needs your caring hand
To hear your words again
The message never changes still
It’s peace goodwill to all men