How Many Noses on Your Face?


How many noses on your face?
Only one, there’s only one

How many hands on the kitchen clock?
Precisely two, how do you do?

And how many bedrooms in your house?
I think there are three, but let me go and see

How many wheels on your big white car?
Exactly four, and not any more

How many tootsypegs on your foot?
I’ve looked and I’ve, counted up to five

How many pussy cats in the sun?
I think there are six, sleeping on the bricks

How many apples on the apple tree?
Exactly seven, less than eleven

And how many kookaburras can you see?
I think there are eight, sitting on the gate

How many clouds are in the sky?
I’ve counted up to nine, the weather is fine

How many magpies on your lawn?
I think there are ten, but let me count again
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10