Thingth I Thay


I was playing on my swing
When I felt it with my tongue
It was a very wobbly tooth
And it was hanging from my gum
It dropped onto the ground and rolled into a creek
And now it’s rather strange but every time I try and speak

Thingth I thay don’t thound the thame
It’th even hard to thay my name
I’d like to thing to thing a thong
But every time it’s thoundth all wrong
Thingth I thay don’t thound the thame

I have a little brother Keith
Who seems to still have all his teeth
There must be something wrong with me
So many teeth seem so wobbly
Another one dropped out just the other day
It’s very embarrassing but really what can I say?


Words that start with ‘s’ are tricky
Words like thschool and thstop and thsticky
Mum thinks it’s cute but I don’t agree
Well maybe for her but not for me
People think it’s funny to hear me talking like this
I’d like my two front teeth back, they’re the ones I really miss