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Left Hand Right Hand
Standing On A Bus
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Goldilocks And The Porridge
The Very Last Song
Counting Backwards
Sing It Sing It
Very Strange Cat
Little Caterpillar
George Cryolot Crumble
Apricot Chicken
Some People
The Grand Old Duke of York
The Walking Song
Look After Yourself
The Billy Goats Gruff
Peter Combe - Spangle Road
Up Up Up into the Sky
Peter Combe - Spangle Road No Vocals
Bluegrass Ifs
Brrmm! Brrmm!
Cast Away
To Be a Bee
The Song About Captain Cook
Err Yuck!
Tadpole Blues
Stuck in a Pizza
My Toothbrush Won't Clean
Everyone's Nose
Rock Scissors Paper
Tom Can Play the Trumpet
Arms Were Made To Hug & Squeeze
Jacaranda Tree
Mr Pim
Never No Never No Never
Pussycat Goes Meiow
Peppercorn Tree
Beddybyes Time
Goldilocks Goldilocks
Little Red Riding Hood
Come Over Here
Run Run Run
The Mixed Up Song
Things to do on the Weekend
Welcome to the Autumn
Mrs Wiggely Woggely Wheeze
Talky Talky Talky
Red Train
There's a Kid
To You Merry Christmas
Not Zee
1 2 3 4 5
New Playgym
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
Take a Little Step
Kangaroo, Kangaroo
Mr Wonderful's Toupees
Rock This Little Baby
Parcel in the Post
This Face
The La La La Song
Old Wheelbarrow
Pinocchio's Nose
You Like the Blue Sky and I Like the Grey
Down In The Bathroom
Come Together (Stand Up Tall)
Swing Swong
Up and Down
Walk Down the Street
Caesar's Decree Song
The Emperor's New Clothes
In The Summertime
Oscar and Mr Hairy Gorilla
How Many Noses on Your Face?
Six Juicy Apples
Emily's Song
Phone Calls Daddy
Koala Ko
Time to Have a Rest
Springtime of Our Dreams
A Brussel Sprout
Nice and Cool
Wake Up It's Christmas
Standing in the Shower
Kelly Hutton
A Walk in the Wood
Edward J Fox
No Room
Green Red & Yellow
Changes (Joni's Song)
Dr McKew
Sleepy Head
I Have a Drum
All Good Things
Thingth I Thay
There Was a Crooked Man
Green Green Green
Mr Smooth
Teddy Bear
The Planets
Christmas Day Has Come Again
Red Says Stop
Child Of Mine (Alice's Song)
I Saw a Hare
Hammer In The Nails
Talk About the Cat
Ticketty Boo
Little Doggy
Sweet Dreams and Teddy Bears
Take Your Feet
The Three Little Pigs
Sometimes I Feel
This Little Pig
Take A Bath
Shoes on My Feet
Yellow Banana
A Very Silly Christmas Song
Frog On Your Head
All My Silkworms
That's the Way I Like It
Happy Holiday
Wake Up Sleepyhead
Father Christmas and Dave
Monkey in the Teapot
Lullaby (for Thom)
I Had a Pear
Chish and Fips
Uh Oh
So Far Away
Jennifer Wicks
Walking Encyclopaedia
The Wind is For Blowing
Fishy O Fishy
The Enormous Turnip
Potato & Pumpkin Carrots & Peas
Ning Nong
Moon Moon
The Put It Song
The Hare and the Tortoise
First Reader
Down in the South Lullaby
The Silly Postman
Made Ya Look Ya Dirty Chook
Running On The Spot
I Say Old Bean
It's Christmas Again
River River
Hey Ho Jerry-O
Pretty Little Bird
Snow White & the Prince
The Little Red Hen
Nod When It's Yes
Humpty Dumpty's Other Song
Thelma Brown
Robin Hood's Dream
Just a Little Boy
Under the Starry Sky
Red Balloon
Jack and the Beanstalk
Toffee Apple
Wash Your Face in Orange Juice (Mr Clicketty Cane)
Newspaper Mama
Spaghetti Bolognaise
When I'm 13
Hey John
Tell Me the Story of Christmas
Tell Me the Ti-i-ime Please
The Front Of Me
Live It Up
Fear Not For I
Ting Tang Teng Tong
9 9 9 9
Hang Up Your Stocking
Sun Comes Up Sun Goes Down
Christmas Eve
I Have
All of the Dinosaurs
Everybody's Got a Little Rhythm
Chops and Sausages
Spangle Road
When You're Feeling Crook
Juicy Juicy Green Grass
Mr Spook
Blow Out The Candles
Music of the Day
Jeffrey Hill
I Heard There Were Fairies
Shake Yourself
Happy As Larry
Star Shines Bright
Kangaroo Hop
Christmas Child
Little Groover
Why Don't We
I Just Love Bananas
Rejoice Rejoice
Hey Mr Sound Man
Another Cup of Tea
O Little One
Wriggle and Roll
Magic Carpet 123
I Just Love Peanut Butter
Happy Christmas To You
Saturday Night
Jellybean Road
Only One Nose
Hadrian's Wall
It's So Hot Today
Australia Hooray
Baby Lying in a Manger
Mr Spool
Nutrition Blues
Christmas is Coming
Love and Joy
Syntax Error
Best Friends
Big Yellow Ball
Rock & Roll Is All You Need
Quirky Berserky (The Turkey From Turkey)