Saturday Night


It’s Saturday night ( Saturday night)
Ain’t gonna bed (ain’t gonna bed)
Gonna stay up late (stay up late)
Have a party instead (have a party instead)

So come on round for a swim in the pool
Mum says “Fine!” Dad says “Cool!”
We might go down and get a video
And watch a really spooky show.

It’s Saturday night (Saturday night)
And I’m glad you’ve come (glad you’ve come)
There’s cool lemonade (cool lemonade)
We’re gonna have fun (gonna have fun).

So don’t worry be happy tonight
Relax swim it’ll be all right
Throw your cares to the summer breeze
You can do exactly as you please.

It’s Saturday night (Saturday night)
And it’s eleven o’clock (eleven o’clock)
The grownups say (grownups say)
It’s time to stop (time to stop)

Mum says “You’re gonna have to sleep on the floor”
We talk a bit until my dad he says “No more!”
I love to have my friends around to sleep the night
And wake up in the morning light.