Planet Earth


Sun shines down, beautiful day
The leaves are falling, month of May
Magpies sing their melodies
In trees that sway in a gentle breeze
Makes me realize, makes me see
There could be nothing better than for me
To live from my birth
On Planet Earth

Winter’s come, the sky is gray
Seasons change, the end of May
I sit inside and watch the rain
As it trickles down my window pane
The heavens they have opened wide
Mother nature does provide
From the day of our birth
For Planet Earth

The Milky Way 2 billion stars
We see at night they shine so bright
Such a wonder we, all should be
In the middle of this galaxy

So much life in this place
8 billion of the human race
We live our lives young and old
North and south in the heat and cold
And every day with the rising sun
Once again, a new day comes
We’ve loved you from our birth
Planet Earth