The Little Red Hen


The little red hen thought that she would
Plant the wheat and it would be good
To ask her friends to help

‘Not I’ said the dog
‘Not I’ said the cat
‘Not I’ said the duck
‘Not I’ said the pig
Then I’ll just have to do it myself

Soon the wheat had grown up tall
The time had come to cut it all
She asked her friends to help


The wheat had to be ground in to flour
She knew it would take, many an hour
She asked her friends to help


The next thing to do was bake the bread
Maybe her friends would like to be fed
She asked them all to help


Soon the bread was ready to eat
Her friends all thought we’ll have a little treat
But the little hen shook her head
You did not help me plant the wheat or grind it into flour
So I think that I instead will eat up all this bread
That’s how the story goes, the answer was 4 ‘Nos’

No bread for the dog
No bread for the cat
No bread for the duck
No bread for the pig
And she said ‘I’ll eat it myself’
And she did!